Jus de noni 100 % certifié (Biologique), 32 fl oz (946 mL) Bouteille

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Informations relatives aux compléments

Taille de la portion :  2 Tbsp (30 mL)
Portions par contenance :  32
par portion
% Daily
Calories 0
Potassium 30 mg 1%
Total Carbohydrate 0 g 0%
Noni Certifiied Organic 30000 mg *
Ingrédients: Certified Organic Noni Juice (filtered water sufficient to reconstitute organic noni fruit puree).
Instructions: Use only as directed. Take 2 TBSP (30 mL) daily or as directed by your health care professional. Refrigerate after opening.

Shake well before using. Uniquely formulated. Enjoy sipping it pure, adding it to water or your favorite beverage.
ATTENTION: Keep out of reach of children. Keep your licensed health care practitioner informed when using this product. Pregnant or breast-feeding women should consult a health care practitioner before using any product. Store in a cool, dark place. Refrigerate after opening. Stated levels valid only while product is unopened and properly stored.
Autres informations: Contains no added sugar, artificial color or preservatives. Due to the pure, natural ingredients in this product, taste, color, and consistency may vary.
* Apports journaliers (AJ) non établis.